The S-Works escape helmet is extremely aerodynamic almost like a chronometer helmet, with deep grooves for increased ventilation and an internal aramid structure that gives lightness and protection.

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Product Information

The origins of S-works evade have much in common with the S-Works TT, our Chrono helmet.

Aerodynamic almost like a stopwatch helmet, with the comfort that comes from greater ventilation. If you bring the S-works evade and the S-Works TT one side to the other, you will notice the similarity in the aerodynamic profile. In fact it saves 46 seconds of time on a 40-40km stretch, compared to a standard road helmet.

Creating an aerodynamic road helmet that is also comfortable is not a small thing, in fact we know that the helmets are not particularly ventilated.

The escape combines the best of both worlds with strategically positioned air intakes that convey the air around the head, and then make it go out through the rear vents, so as to keep the head fresh even during the hot days.

Besides to ventilation, comfort comes from the sealing system. The vertical adjustment in five steps and the light register for Micro Mindset guarantee an intuitive fit, easy to adjust and very comfortable.

Technical Specifications

The particular aerodynamics of this helmet can save 46 seconds of time on a 40-40km stretch compared to a standard helmet.
ARAMID Internal structure: specifically constructed for the management of impacts and for limiting weight.
Mindset: Lightweight vertical adjustment system with register for a perfect and comfortable fit.
"4th Dimension Cooling" ventilation with deep internal grooves, massive air intakes and important rear vents.
The thin, soft and lightweight 4x DryLite material with which the straps are made is not frayed because of the sweat or water.
Tri-Fix device to simplify the adjustment of straps.
Straps instrap System: Length of straps reduced to a minimum for weight and comfort

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