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Helmet Rudy Project Airstorm dedicated to lovers of road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon seeking high performance. The strong points of this extremely versatile helmet are the maximum ventilation, a comfortable fit and a fresh design.

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Product Information

By practicing a sport, part of the body's energy is consumed for the temperature regulation process. The yield, therefore, is conditioned by the body's ability to eliminate excess heat. The Rudy Project Airstorm helmet guarantees the highest level of performance, as it helps the rapid and efficient expulsion of the heat from inside the helmet. The 16 front air vents are effective for letting the fresh air into the helmet. The internal design has been designed to create grooves that channel the hot air flow outward and dissipate the heat.

Technical Specifications

Only 260 grams is an extremely low weight for a helmet whose main features are ventilation, aerodynamics and comfort. The Rudy Project Airstorm, in fact, is the result of a study of the exhaustive ergonomics carried out by the designers Rudy Project, as a result that the weight has been distributed optimally at the pressure points of the helmet on the head, which guarantees a fit Comfortable and prevention of sweat accumulation and moisture.

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